Friday, August 24, 2007

Congratulations to Mr. Mohammad Navab on Leaving CASMII

This is great news. One down, many more to go.

Check out VF's expose of NIAC, too.

Vigilante Freedom:

Back in July we wrote about The National Iranian American Council Mr. Mohammad Navab, a member of NIAC, (see here,here, and here) and indicating that he was also a board member of the Campaign Against Sanctions And Military Action In Iran (CASMII). Today, we received a comment from Mr. Navab: (see here):

Dear allThank you for your efforts towards the well being of this great nation. I, like you wish to see the best continuing for this phenomenal country (the most interesting in human history) and the people of other countries. One clarification that needs to be made though is that I am not a member of CASMII and I would highly appreciate this correction to be made in your analyses.With thanks and best wishes,Mohamad Navab

The IP and Email address both trace back to UCLA, where Mr. Navab teaches, so I’m relatively comfortable saying its him. Thinking that perhaps we had made a mistake when we identified Mr. Navab as a CASMII board member, and wishing to correct, I returned to the link we had provided to the CASMII site where Mr. Navab’s name was found, and found this: Access Denied.
Well, I thought, that’s odd. With a little help I found A google cache here:(captured as .PDF here, with additional pages here and here). Mr. Navab had served as a board member of CASMII when our article was written. Mr. Navab has now been removed from CASMII’s website and is no longer listed as a Board member. It seems that Mr. Navab has chosen to distance himself from CASMII, and he picked a good time to do it. From CASMII this week, “Friendly American Encounter with Revolutionary Guard“.

An American peace delegation which visited Iran recently has described a striking friendly encounter with some three hundred members of the Revolutionary Guards. In a statement, the head of the delegation has strongly debunked the US administration’s decision to label these soldiers as terrorist and has called on Americans to oppose a new war of aggression.

Of course the evidence that IRGC has assisted in the killing of American soldiers is overwhelming. So we were pleased to hear that Mr. Navab has chosen to no longer be with the CASMII Board of Directors, and we congratulate him on that decision.


shatpoot said...

No body wants war and God willing all wars will end. But I do have a problem with these guys (CASMII) who try to fool the American public that the Revolutionary Guards are angels, RG are ruthless towards the Iranian people, they will torture and kill with no problem. All these groups are the real traitor.

By the way Serendip, Great site...Keep it coming :-)

SERENDIP said...

Thank you Shatpoot for stopping by. Look forward to your future visits. It's so sad how some of these people exploit anti-war sentiments to peddle their own agenda.

programmer craig said...

Isn't it strange how the best friends of the peaceniks are always the most militant of the world's barbarians? It's like a match made in heaven.

RoxieAmerica said...

Most interesting!