Monday, August 20, 2007

UK May Deport Iranian Lesbian to Death Sentence in Tehran on August 23

From Petrelis's blog:

I've been asked by Iranians, gay and straight, human rights activists, and friends in San Francisco to get the word out about Pegah's case, especially on political blogs.

Feel free to cut and paste the text here, along with the photos, and share the words and images through your social and web networks.

This story appeared on August 17 in The Star UK:

AN IRANIAN lesbian who faces imprisonment and almost certain death because of her sexuality if sent home back home has been given an 11th hour reprieve [...]

Her supporters from Sheffield ASSIST - the Asylum Seeker Support Initiative - said they were relieved at the news, because for Pegah to be returned to Iran was "tantamount to a death sentence".

Ann Campbell, from ASSIST, said last night: "We are all either on a high or exhausted!

"The plane was taking off at 9.30pm last night and this only started on Monday so it's been a mad four days. Although all we have effectively done is buy some time - we don't know what will happen next - we now have time to get our forces together."

Pegah, who is suffering with mental health problems and suicidal thoughts as a result of the stress, has now been returned to Yarlswood detention centre in Bedford where she was taken after being arrested in Sheffield on Monday [...]

The 40-year-old Iranian - described by those who know her as "charming, incredibly kind, honest and intelligent" - sought asylum in the UK in 2005. She had escaped from her home country after her partner was arrested, tortured, and subsequently sentenced to death by stoning.

Her father was also arrested, interrogated and tortured for information on her whereabouts [...]

She said: "She endured an unhappy arranged marriage, she is filled with guilt about what has happened to her father, and she is not able to see her two sons [...]

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Abadany dar Holland said...

I hope they open their eyes and see...
Let us open the eyes of the others. I shared the story with my readers.

Anonymous said...

Iranian people are forced to pretend to be lesbian or gay in order to get a visa from Europe! on the other side, every radical hatemongering mullas from Iran or Arab world is given visas very easily to go to Europe and spew hatred against the free world.

RoxieAmerica said...

It is sad. There should be no question. People of can not send this women to her death.

Anonymous said...

I am an european citizen now living in London. I really hope the UK governament will take the right decision to keep this lady in UK and give her the possibility to escape her death. Othehrwise the UK will be responsible as the Iranian governament and many people, as me, will be not proud to be part of UK society.
Please let s ensure the human right will win the hypocrisy that not belong to UK and most of the people who live here.
Thank you,