Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Glorious Delusion!

Who's Gates?

QUESTIONER: Thank you. My name is Mahtab Farid. I'm from Voice of America Persian Service. Mr. Brzezinski, I'd like to get your reaction on this editorial newspaper. It's printed in Persian in Los Angeles on Friday, July 16 edition. There is an editorial— I'm going to just read two lines, the exact translation. It says, "Your greenbelt project in 1979 has bended the Iranian people's back," meaning basically in this editorial it criticizes your policy towards Iran to engage in a country which is called state sponsor of terrorism. Could you give us your reaction on that, please?

BRZEZINSKI: Well, I haven't—

FEINSTEIN: Please, go ahead.

BRZEZINSKI: I haven't read the editorial, so I can't really comment on it. I think the report speaks for itself, and we have tried to explain the rationale behind that report today. Translation: "Yes, I'm dodging this question because I'm culpable and blameworthy but too complacent and smug to take any responsibility."

Given the magnitude of Brzesinski's lack of insight and past failures his opining and giving recommendations on our national security now is truly the height of arrogance. Why would anyone give him any credence at all? His failure is paid in lives to this day.


"Elections matter. Rumsfeld is finally out but replacing him is James Baker's man, Robert Gates. I must admit I am less than thrilled. George Friedman of Starfor does an insightful job figuring out the meaning of the change. You will find it in its entirety bellow. It adds up to one thing - another attempt to appease Iran. It will fail. The only question is at what price?"

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