Thursday, November 30, 2006

Losing the Enlightenment


Victor Davis Hanson has just written one of his best articles:
He writes about the rise and fall of western civilization, one with lost confidence and the unwillingness to confront political Islam and terrorists sweeping across the globe. He paints a dark picture of our current time in history, never more powerful militaristically or economically, yet we are being destroyed from within....liberalism and inaction, which embolden our enemies even further.

Once "magnificent" Europe, that intellectuals beacon of artistic and philosphical progressive manifestation have ceded to the bullying of militant Islamists and gangster mullahs, where Western filmmakers are brutally murdered and artists have to self-censor or cancel theatrical productions for expressing their opinion about the barberity of Islamic laws and histroy, or publishing cartoons that bruise the muslims’ vanity and their all-too fragile pride (both are sins, btw )and have to live in fear because some cleric has issued a fatwa for their head. It's exasperating that the very ones who pathologically hate Bush and his ”cronies”, can't seem to equally display the same abhorrence for radical/oligarch mullahs, crazy Mahmood, and Ben Ladinites.

VDH thinks that it's time to wake up from our slumber and face realities on the ground for what they are and not for how we wish them to be.

I give you VDH in his own words...

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