Friday, November 03, 2006

A Second Hizballah in the Making; this time in Syria

Eye of the Storm: The 'Iranization' of Syria
Islamic Republic of Iran's Theofascism Expanding..


"According to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad secular anti-imperialism, including Ba'athism, has failed to halt the advance of the American "Great Satan." Today, only militant Islamism can fill the gap left by the disintegration of the USSR and Communism as global challengers to "imperialist hegemony."

TEHERAN STRATEGISTS, working on the assumption that Israel and the Islamic Republic will clash at some point, regard Lebanon and Syria as part of the Iranian glacis. It was to secure Lebanon and Syria as strategic assets that Teheran launched its plan for the "Fertile Crescent."

The first phase of the plan consisted of an Iranian-sponsored campaign last year to cast suspicion on elements in the Syrian Ba'ath known for their opposition to Khomeinism. Hundreds of Ba'athist cadres, including senior figures, were retired or driven into exile. Cadres with what is euphemistically called "better Islamic sensibilities" have taken their place. Many of the new rising stars have some experience of Iran, having served there in diplomatic, military and intelligence capacities on behalf of their government. In Syria today, having an "Iranian flavor" is as useful for an individual's career as a Soviet one was in the old days.
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Gayle said...

I read that article earlier. I check out The Jewish Post nearly every day.

I saw your comment over at Roxie's. I'm posting about her on My Republican Blog regarding the letter she wrote to Rush LImbaugh about crossing party lines during this election. She's definitely reached the right decision as the Dems have no plan for National Security.

I can see your cat's picture as I type this. Her eyes are beautiful. :)

a view said...

I'd dispute the label "Iranization" in the title. Khomeinism, Islamism, Mullacracy, Arabization, Shiaism, yes to all. After all, the mentioned terms all have Arab/Islam origins. But there is hardly anything "Iranian" about Iran nowadays. The Mullahs and their mouthpieces hold and promote an Arab/Islam ideology and culture in Iran and elsewhere - they've done so for centuries.