Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Strategic Suicide

Top Twenty Ways for Terrorist Nations to Get Security Guarantees (Grand Bargain)?

1. Patiently (27 years)build, Arm and finance Hizballah and try to topple the Lebanese Government

2. Repeatedly and publicly call for the destruction of a democratic country that is an important American ally, Israel, and speak of the achievability of “a world without America America and Zionism and deny the Holocaust

3. Be intent on possessing both nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them

4. Hang, execute, stone, torture, kidnapp and maim political dissidents, Union Workers, and anti-Radical Islam Clergies and ayatollahs

5. Train and Finance Shia Militias and Death squads in Iraq

6. Get a designation by The U.S. Department of State has ‘the most active state
sponsor terrorism.’

8. Take American hostages and seizing the American embassy for 444 days

9. Kill 241 Marines in Beirut barracks bombing in 1983

10. Bomb U.S. military residential building in Saudi Arabia (Khobar Tower) killing
19 Americans

11. Do not address long outstanding verification issues relevant to Iran’s nuclear activities, and to the fact that Iran had not addressed those issues or provided the necessary transparency to remove uncertainties associated with some of its nuclear Activities

12. Break the UN arm embargo and try to 'try to get uranium by arming

13. Instigate the war in Lebanon

14. Finance Hamas and interfere with negotiation regarding the release of kidnapped soldiers by Hamas

15. Bomb and kill 85 people in a Jewish Cultural Center On July 18, 1994, a Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires was attacked and reduced to ruins by a suicide bomber. Eighty-five people were killed and 151 were injured in the worst terrorist attack ever on Argentine soil

16. Plot to groom next Bin Laden’s successor

17. Expanding anti-American coalitions in the Caucuses, Central Asia, Latin America Africa, and Middle East

18. Become trans-regional power

19. Have a history of saying the right thing but doing something else

20. Develop germ weapons


Anonymous said...


21. Continue to align itself with idiotic, self interested and cowardly EU. Buy the EU ‘beggars’ with some major business deals.

22. Align itself, or seek to, with other ambitious States such as an up and coming Russia under PUTIN (still a Soviet Union only under a banner of [dubious] democracy) and, of course, China. This will ensure, as IR and her allies see it, a certain balance of power against USA and Israel. After all, the U.S. has been the sole “Super Power” for over a decade now.

One Prognosis:

Russia and China will either put IR and Islamists to permanent rest (destruction) when Islamists have served their purpose or IR and Islamists (I mean both Sunni and Shi’ites) will do or try to do the same to Russia and China.

The EU is a lost cause at this point and won’t be able to guarantee or buy her freedom even if it were to further its ‘deals’ with Islamists. If it continues, I’d say: Let Paris Burn, they caused it themselves.

Ultimately, I think Russia will align herself with the U.S. and Israel. China will side with the Islamists.

The U.S. needs to be wiser all around. The current strategy, whatever it may be, isn’t working and hasn’t worked. Israel will have to act as it suits her and the situation.


SERENDIP said...

Dear Anon:

I fully agree with you that Iran has become a client state of Russian and the Chinese and as soon as the usefulness expires, they will discard it.

So far, however, President Bush has not formulated a comprehensive strategy to address this complex challenge. Rather, Washington has cornered itself to a
deeply flawed—diplomatic and myopic process aimed at addressing just one aspect of the contemporary Iranian threat: its nuclear program. In doing so,
the U.S. has placed its reliance on the United Nations system, as well as its allies in Europe, none of whom have shown much appetite for confronting Iran over the
nuclear issue. Yet both Russia and China, which have extensive economic, political and military ties to Iran, remain an impediment to meaningful diplomatic and
economic efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, and can be expected to continue obstructing forceful action against their client state.