Monday, November 27, 2006

Theatre of The Absurd

He hates Jews. He thinks he has a divine aura. He wants nuclear weapons and security guarantees in exchange for calling off his Shia death squads in Iraq. He exagerates his influence in Iraq. (Syria and Iran are not responsible for the resistance...and probably can't do anything about it. Therefore negotiating with them is not a silver bullet).

He recently upgraded his bandwidth and he not only talks to the 12th Imam but God himself/herself. He is sending Hizballah agents to infiltrate the tribe of the Wayuu in Venezuela.

He believes that Israel is a disgracful stain, and should be erased from the pages of time and history (literal translation of his tirade). He ridicules historical truths, offending the memory of survivors still alive, he glorifies the act of lying: As the No. 1 Holocaust denier in the world, an anti-Semite with a disturbed mind, he claims that Hitler's "Final Solution" never happened. He even had a large international exhibition of anti-Holocaust cartoons mounted in Tehran. He predicts the collapse of Israel, the U.S. and Britain, attacking what he calls their "oppressive behavior." (yeah right, He's one to talk about oppression). He is busy trying to topple the Lebanese government and foment a civil war. Meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, our strategy to win the war in Iraq and the war on terror.


Anonymous said...

Could you forward me your email address and i'll see what i can do regarding the message you sent me?

SERENDIP said...

Dear Aryamehr: My e-mail.

Thanks for visiting.

A Jacksonian said...

Been covering some of the Iranian movements on exporting terrorism circa 2000. Their movement into South America started in the 1990's and have spread from there. The most highly worrying thing is that to operate in the area they are in they most have *some* agreement from FARC. From what I remember, most of the Hezbollah-Lebanon activities, militarily, are close to those employed by FARC against Columbia. Too bad for them that Israel is not Columbia, but a *real* Nation with a *real* military.

But the spread there, into Chechen regions and into Turkey are all visible going through their activities. Not pleasant to read when one realizes the world slept as evil spread.

SERENDIP said...

Dear Ajacksonian: I read your brilliant analysis of all the Iranian's shenanigans since 2000 and enjoyed it thoroughly. I kid you not, I have a Peruvian friend who tells me that the Islamic Republic has infiltrated the Andes and converting the poor natives up in the mountain areas with cash incentives. This regime is truly frightning.

A Jacksonian said...

serendip - It is extremely frightening, indeed. I outlined an overall conception of how Transnationalist Terrorism works and while State based terrorism plays a role, the non-State based bonuses off of the State infusions, but also has a separate connective net to it. The Hezbollah operations in South America, especially the Argentinian bombins in 1994, point to Iran bridging that gulf there between itself and FARC, which had been the major non-State based organization there before this.

The Transnational Terrorist organizations, both types, do not exist in a separate vacuum and cross-fertilize with training, weapons, tactics, suppliers and even operations when they have similar ends in mind. That said the ability to coordinate between terrorist organizations does seem to require a central entity to do that. Iraq served that role in 1993 with the WTC bombing, and al Qaeda has been trying to emulate that ever since. It hasn't worked too well in that, but the successful template that was used by another organization got picked up by them and has been workable since then.

Iran, via organizing along more regular lines of authority usually do not try to coordinate between organizations, preferring to heavily back and support their own so as to meet their own ends. At this point in time, when Hezbollah agents and sympathizers have been picked up, prosecuted and convicted in the US, the question of 'if' an attack by them will be taken here is moot. It is more 'when' and 'how often'.

Can't say I am doing more with the 2000 RFE/RL archives than putting the connective points in that demonstrate more of the Template of Terror concept in action.