Sunday, December 03, 2006

Is the Islamic Republic heating things up in Kosovo?

Here's a story which I won't comment much on, it mostly stands on its own:

Reprinted from Anti-mullah:

While we all dwell on Al Qaeda and the Taleban in their conventional apperance, we lose sight fo the white Al Qaeda and Islamic life and death tug of war between Christianity and Islam in Eastern Europe.

The Islamic "religion of peace" once again resorts to violence to impose religion and Sharia laws on non-Moslems.

Remember ll this is happending in EUROPE. Not African Sudan or some other remote locations far from where you live.

Editorial comment from the American Council for Kosovo:

As expected and feared, violence has erupted in Kosovo following the November announcement delaying a future status for the Serbian province, as Muslim Albanians demanded the international community appease their demands regarding Kosovo's future status.

Following recent prognostications in western media op-eds published in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times warning of such violence should the original end-of-2006 artificial deadline for an imposed solution on Serbia not be met, thousands of enraged Muslim Albanians attacked U.N. headquarters in Pristina.

The American Council for Kosovo has warned for months that Kosovo’s Muslim Albanian population uses violence and intimidation in its push for independence.

Reuters correspondent Matt Robinson reported on November 28:

U.N. police in Kosovo fired teargas on Tuesday to disperse ethnic Albanians who smashed the windows of parliament and stoned U.N. headquarters, angry at a delay to their demand for independence from Serbia.

Thousands of protesters converged on the main symbols of authority in the capital, Pristina, throwing red paint on the buildings of the U.N. mission and Kosovo's interim government...There's more


Gayle said...

It doesn't surprise me, Serendip. Nothing they do surpises me anymore.

SERENDIP said...

Gayle: I'm willing to bet my life that the Islamic Republic of Evil is involved somehow in Kosovo. Those Islamic pack of wolves in Iran have cast a wide net to establish their caliphate and they are very clever and patient. We must adapt to Radical Islam’s Strategies around the globe before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

I'm just commenting from ignorance but I have a friend working in Kosovo who argues that actually Islam is not that important as a factor there- that nationalism is what is key there and resentment of Serbian imperialism.