Friday, December 08, 2006

The Latest Vomit-Inducing Idiocy From Ahamdi-Nezhad

Apparently, the pervert-in-chief, Ahmadi-Nezhad, has decided to allow Iranian women tourists (one million per year) to fly to Anatolia's Mediterriane shores again (Ahmadi-Nezhad cancelled all flights to Turkey upon watching the turkish broadcast of Iranian women in bikinis on the shores of Anatolia) but the Turkish government must agree to his three conditions:

1. Iranian women should stay in Islamic Hotels in Turkey.

2. Iranian women should not be allowed into bars and should not be able to purchase alchoholic
beverages from any store.

3. Iranian women should wear and observe Islamic hijab while swimming.


Gayle said...

...and Iranian women should gang up and kill the sob!

SERENDIP said...

I have feeling that it would eventually happen to all of these perverts. It might take another 10 years or so but their days are numbered.