Thursday, December 07, 2006

Viva La France!

Former French ambassador: “Islamic government is a Stalinist system”

Iran Press News: The regime-run news agency Aria reported that former French ambassador to Tehran, François Nicoullaud after the end of his mission has published a book in France called "The turban and the rose”, in which the Mullah regime has been severely attacked.
In a segment of his book, Nicoullaud, the Egyptian-born French politician writes that the rulers of Iran are violent and rude individuals whose motivation for their election are deceptive and based on hidden costs and that the government of Iran is a Stalinist system.
He has also written that the regime of Tehran does pursue nuclear weapons and they will ultimately get their hands on them.

h/t to: Aryamehr


sm said...

Serendip, this is off-topic for this post. But, I can’t post on Roxie’s blog since it only allows bloggers to post. Does she know why “land of Persia” blog was suddenly deleted? I saw Roxie’s comment on that blog before, also noticed that she has a sidelink to that blog on her own blog and thought she might have more info. Arian and I wondered if Leili “blog author” deleted it herself or IR got to it?

SERENDIP said...

Sm: I posted your comment on to Roxie's comment section. Hopefully, She'll reply soon.

sm said...

Thanks Serendip, I just read Roxie’s reply. Btw, things do pop up on land of Persia blog since it was deleted, as Roxie says.

On another note, as I understand it, a few days, Arian tried to log onto Roxie’s blog using his registered name with Blogger and it wouldn’t let him log on. I don’t have a blog at moment. Getting a blog will be one New Year resolution in ’07 for me.

RoxieAmerica said...

I'm unsure what happened with Arian unless blogger was having trouble or I was working on the template at the time. The Persia blog - I don't have any idea wh it is off line or what the junk is that shows up, so I did remove the link until it comes back on line.

SM - We can help you get started with your blog in 07 :)

sm said...

Thanks Roxie, appreciate it. I haven’t even figured out a name for the blog yet. But, I’m told that I talk too much, that I’m a blogger without a blog! and that I should get one, lol :-)