Thursday, February 22, 2007

Batebi's Wife is Abducted; Batebi Starts Starvation

Kamangir: Ahmad Batebi has reportedly started a dry starvation after the reports about the abduction of his wife, Somaiieh Bayenat. His wife’s brother mentioned to BBC earlier today that his sister has been arrested by individuals resembling intelligence personnel, after they showed her a document. A few minutes before her abduction, in a phone call, she told one of her friends that she felt like being followed for the whole day. Mohammad Abtahi, a close aide to the former president compares Batebi’s case with Jazayeri, the corrupt businessman who fled recently, and writes, “I am afraid he did not have the money to escape”.

This is an opportunity for the Liberals, the Left and the anti-war/torture activists in the West to show the Iranian people where they stand on fundamental issues of freedom and human rights.Do they back Iranian people's legitimate struggle for human rights and democracy, do they back Iranian just cause for equal rights? Or do they only come out of their closets for a bit of US bashing? Where are the dailykos bloggers? Do they only care about the legal and human rights of Guantanamo prisoners ? The left is the enemy of the enslaved Iranian people, period. Not only that, they want to sell us out to the tyrannical mullahs; hence, their silence. The sick part is that they expect us to lick their boot while they are kicking us in the face and expect us to celebrate their so-called moral relativisim, which quite frankly tantamounts to what social psychologist call, 'covert racism'.
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Sherry said...

Hi Serendip,
Just wanted you to know that I sent the email to inquire about his medical concerns. God Bless you!

Frieda said...

how sad, I just heard about it. I hope iranian bloggers will cover this so it will get a similar attention as "Ganji's story" got.