Sunday, February 18, 2007

Breakdancing Moves Of An Iranian Peasant


Ardeshir Dolat said...

This is fantastic. Loved it very much! Thanks

gholi said...

it was cute but why did it make me feel so sad?

serendip said...

Ardeshir Jan: You're more than welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your insights on Iranian issues immensly and admire your activism.

goli jan: I know what you mean. I felt the same sadness. I think being a such a rich country, we shouldn't have old peasants who make ends meet by breakdancing. God Bless him.

Gayle said...

I agree, Serendip. It's very sad. We do take a lot for granted in America, don't we?

serendip said...

Dear Gayle: If you remember last Septmber the IRI gave $12000 in cash to all the terrorist hizballah members in Lebanon. More than 40% of Iranians live below poverty level perhaps even more. It is truly a shame when these fascists don't even help their own citizens.

ورجاوند said...

Dear Serendip,
Thanks for your comments.
In one hand it's fun or perhaps an Art, in the other hand, our people deserve more than a few tips from others.
Mullahs in IRI stealing from Iranians. their policy is to keep people in poverty and let them die in slavery for an imaginary heaven.
Out of city centers you'll see much more horrible events than these sort of awful drama.
Wish you the best.

Jungle Mom said...

WoW! This looks all to familiar to me. We also have this here. At every major stop light, the elderly are performing for coins. And yet, the government here is giving money away to other countries trying to buy allies. I guess one autocrat is the same as another!

Bardia said...

Dear serendip,
strongly well done

gHoli said...

hey, serendip, remember not to take the holiness (h)! out of my name !

Rosemary said...

OMG! Look at that man go! He even got the music into that young man! LOL. That was very nice. It is nice to see some smiles for a change. :)

serendip said...

Varjavan: Thanks for stopping by. Like I said before you're a wonderful writer...and proved it again in Englis too. LOL

GHOLI: My apologies, since goli is a girl's name...LOL

Junglemom: It's so sad that the two oil rich countries like Iran and VE don't care about their own citizens and rather spend the oil money on hating and destroying America...truly tragic.

Bardia jan: Thanks and have a wonderful day in Tehran. Jaye ma ro khali kon...LOL

Dear Gayle: Yes, we do take so many things for granted in this country; most of all our freedom.

Rosemary: Yes, it's kind of unique that the Western pop culture is truly universal...LOL