Tuesday, February 13, 2007

IRI uses British Universities as Propaganda Platform

From Noggr, a UK-based blogger:

...Islamofascism is thus the new tool of domination for the British empire - one that nobody would suspect and one that is able to strike at the heart of any enemy (or possibly even so-called allies) with deadly force through 'terrorism'. Funny that 'terrorism' didn't really exist in the modern sense before their coup d'etat against the Shah was carried out. From where, and from whom, do you think organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas sprung? After all, there is an old Iranian saying that under every senior mullah's turban there is a label inside saying 'Made in England'. There is always some truth behind such sayings, no matter how hard it may be for those unfamiliar with the situation to believe.

Oxford and Cambridge have always served as platforms for IRI propaganda. Just look at how many Islamofascist preachers of Islam were trained at these reputable institutions of propaganda-spreading.Institutions like Chatham House and SOAS contain many so-called experts (most likely on the payroll of MI6 and such organizations) that provide serious mainstream propaganda platforms for the mullahcracy.Why, even St Andrews University has recently decided to honor murderer and human rights abuser Khatami (see here, here, here or here for example). This of course was more like a private 'thank you' for a job well done for the empire (have you seen his ring?) - but of course they had to make some pretense for it. I wonder if he had a chance to pay a visit to his old 'friend' (or more?) Jack Straw on his recent European 'congratulations tour' (he also visited France in a similar guise before coming to the UK, you know).Anyway, here is some of Potkin's good post.

...A request was made by an Iranian student at SOAS for a "symposium" about Iranian cinema. Later on an organisation named "Council for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature" took over the organisation of the event and the "Iranian Cinema Symposium" actually became a pretext for an official celebration of the Islamic Revolution in a British university, organized and sponsored by the Iranian embassy in London.
The "Council for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature" is actually a front for "Organisation for Islamic Propaganda and Communication" in Iran which amongst its long list of previous activities, printed literature in support and justification of Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwa for the assassination of the British writer, Salman Rushdie.
The official advertising poster for the event did not show the English translation of the Persian text. The English text was kept neutral, but the Persian text was aall about the glorification of the Islamic revolution in 1979.
On the first day of the event, a diplomat from the Iranian embassy in London, acted as the master of ceremony and the event was opened by recitals from the Koran and posters glorifying the Islamic revolution in 1979 were exhibited along with bookstalls disseminating Islamic Republic official literature.
University officials say that they had not realised the political content of the event, and have expressed their displeasure at such tactics used by the Islamic Republic embassy and have notified the Foreign Office.

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