Friday, February 16, 2007

Join the Victory Caucus!

From Dear Rosemary:

The vote is in: 246-181 the non-binding resolution passed with 17 republicans. Would you like to get them out of Congress? You can help by joining the Victory Caucus. Just the sheer number of Americans (R or D, doesn't matter) that are truly angered by this foolishness is having a result in Congress.We got the Senate to fold. No money to either party. That gets them to listen! We also (well, the people in the know) are recruiting candidates to replace the cowards who voted for this nonsense.How can they send our men and women into war and then want to quit because the newspapers won't cover the war properly? They glorify the anti-American groups (anti-war), and they show nothing that is going well in Iraq.They also don't realize that as long as we are in Iraq, the better the chances are we WON'T have to fight Iran!


Gayle said...

Another thing these idiots don't realize is that as long as the war is being fought over there it's not being fought over here!

It's as though they don't believe America is under attack. Whatever happened to 9/11? Hon, I think it's because Americans have short term memories. They smoke too much pot! That may sound like a joke but I'm not joking. Most of the present day Democrats were flower children in the 70's. Pot was the least of their problems. It would be interesting to know how much pot the current crop of Dems in DC smoke, but I don't think we'll ever know. It's got to be a bunch.

Rosemary said...

Thank you, dear! I do hope many people check out the new site created by NZ Bear and Hugh Hewitt. We stopped much money from going to the NRSC, and I am hoping to take away the money from the NRCC caufers.

If they cannot control these cowardly power-hungry RINO's, we do not need them.

I agree with Gayle, also, to a point. If Bush doesn't do something about these southern borders, I will not say we are safe. 150,000 OTM's entered the country last year. (Other than Mexican) Yes, they were from the ME. What kind of sense does that make??? Argghhh!

Sherry said...

Gayle, they probably grow the stuff!

How about the 17 Sailors who died aboard the USS Cole? How about those Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Somalia? I think people forgot about those too.

serendip said...

Gayle,Rosemary,and Sherry: It seems to me Americans have forgotten what kind of ideals and morality made America not only into a country but a state of mind that everyone envies around the world. Is it the fault of our education system, our leaders or our places of worship,I don't know. But I know there are also external forces at work like the proponents of the one world government promoted by transnational corporations who need new consumers and new frontiers to make outrageous profits. This is the downside of globalization. For the rest of the world to catch up and improve their purchasing power, we have to lower our standards of living and make less money...I'll try to write about this if I have time.

Sherry said...

It took determination on the part of America's founding fathers to declare war fighting for freedoms from the British in 1776. It's these very freedoms that people envy.

Jungle Mom said...

I have to be careful since I am still here in Venezuela, but it is common knowledge Al Qaeda works out of here on the island of Margarita and Hezbulah as well. And Ven. passports are easy enough to purchase. or are provided. One governor here is known to be unable to get a Visa to enter the USA due to terrorist ties.
A few months back several, 12, I believe,entered the USA through Mexico with Venezuelan documents