Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New wave of human rights violations by the Satanic Republic

Medieval and Misogynist Republic clamping down on women and minorities . And as Ahmadinejad comes under fire, Iran vows crackdown on 'inappropriately ressed women. The solution for thugs like delusional Ahmadinejad and his gang of Basiji is always to just get more control. As once was pointed out to Darth Vader in a similar context, "The more you tighten your grip, the more people will slip through your fingers."

A small caste of very rich and demonic mullahs and their cronies are reducing most of the Iranian people to abject poverty and hoplessness in a country that is immensely wealthy and a culture that loves life, poetry and art. To cover up for all this greed and corruption, religious fundamentalism is a very effective tool of ideological domination. The more Iran sinks into inequality and social injustice, the more fiery the pseudo revolutionary rhetoric of its theocratic ruling elite, and the more dogmatic and intolerant their version of Islam.

Religious fundamentalism is a wonderful tool for diverting attention from all real issues afflicting the society. But it has a limit, and that limit is set by the emergence of people's conscience and desire to get rid of all those blood-sucking parasites passing for "men of spirit".

The mullahs have callously played with old sectarian grievances in order to draw some benefit for their own shallow cause in Iraq and Lebanon. What do the Iranian Ayatollahs really stand for? At this moment for nothing more than staying in power and continuing to line their bulging pockets with the money of the Iranian people. Social inequality and poverty rates in Iran are appalling. And if you visit the wealthy neighborhoods of Northern Teheran, you will see conspicuous signs of obscene wealth in the hands of the nouveaux rich that have emerged after the demise of the late Shah.And if you move to the huge slums in Southern Teheran, you will see abject poverty and destitution. Most Iranians have benefited very little from the new theocratic dictatorship.

While a significant number of Iranians realize they have been conned, and many are wanting to leave, the Kleptocracy's core constituency, which is found among the large underclass of what by all criteria should have been a rich country, will take a very long time, if ever, to wake up to reality.Why? The short answer is: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”— upton sinclair

To elaborate on that I have to explain that first of all, they (underclass) see the IRI as their patron who will subsidize their lives forever with money, status, jobs, and many other fringe benefits. Those who belong to this group are as brutal and ruthless as their masters and they go as high within the corrupt ranks of the mullahcracy as they possibly can....the more ruthless, the higher up the ladder they move. The core constituency are the IRGC, the paramilitary basiji, and the intelligence officers in VEVAK (SAVAMA) who have a lot of power (military, financial, and organizational) and also a great deal at stake (economically and socially) if the regime is overthrown. They make up about 10 to 11% of the population of 70 millions. The rest of the population is held hostge by this brutal gang of jihadist, opportunists, criminals, torturers, and their vast network of spies in every neighborhood. These people are not going to give up or wake up anytime soon. As this Mazandarani (Caspian sea northern province) saying goes: When a Mullah gets on a donkey he will not come off it until either he dies or the donkey. The mullahs continue to miscalculate the American resolve as the former president Rafsanjani warns the hardliners of the US 'wounded tiger'.


Mike H. said...

The 'wounded tiger' is only wondering whether to get up or not. Appearances are sometimes deceiving.

Ardeshir Dolat said...

An excellent post. Thanks

serendip said...

mike h: I call it too-stuffed tiger (lazy) to get up...LOL

Ardeshir dolat: Thank you. One of the 20th century's greatest scholars on oppressive regimes, Robert Conquest, usually used the term "Totalist" rather than "Totalitarian," Stalinism/mullohcracy is terrifying, amongst other things, by how much happen that is never visible unless you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The mullahs are geniuses that way.