Monday, February 26, 2007

Peace Through Strength???

Seymour Hersh with his usual policy ax to grind tone reports that an attack on Iran is imminent ;and of course he doesn't name any of his faceless and nameless sources. According to him, Iran should have been attacked last June.

There is a small blogocentric angle, and that is the different reactions of lefty and righty bloggers to this news. Righty bloggers view the leaking of this news, if it is news, as improving the chances for a peaceful settlement. The few lefty blogs that have linked the story seem to think that it is evidence, in and of itself, that an attack is in the offing. This seems silly to me -- surely the Israelis (and the US) have good enough operational security that we would not be hearing about it in the New Yorker if they really were about to put planes in the air. The micro-question is, what is it about the psychology of left and right that they interpret the idiom of confrontation so differently?


Frieda said...

I hope Seymour Hersh realized how he gets used in this mind warfare...He has been telling us about these attacks for two years. If I were him, I will stop publishing nonsense; He is losing his little credibility that was left of him.

A Jacksonian said...

And now we start to hear the 'Realists' talking about "containment" again! One of my older posts on that puts forward not only why it won't work by why it could be lethal to us in the long run... and to the People of Iran. Meanwhile the dog that doesn't bark is getting overlooked, and that is no good, either.

These damned 'Realists' need to get a clue that they are the ones that *caused* the problems and they have not been able to fix them due to lack of vision.

SERENDIP said...

frieda:With every article he writes he makes himself more and more irrelevant.

A Jacksonian: The realist seem to not only lack vision but also are blind... Many Thanks for those reading suggestions.