Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Save Delara's Life

See the breathtaking and amazing paintings by Delara Darabi (painted whilst in prison), the young Iranian artist. She is on death row for a crime she did not commit. Join us to save her life and give her the opportunity to paint wonderful and joyous paintings. Please sign the petition and see here and here for more background info.

Iran’s Islamofascist barbarians caved under international pressure on the infamous case of Nazanin Fatehi and today Nazanin is free. The international Campaign was effective and our petition signing worked. This was a victory for Nazanin and humanity and against ignorance and medieval laws of Sharia retribution. Let's spread the word and save another innocent life.


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Rosemary said...

Dear Serendip,
I was thrilled to find out that Canada was successful, as well as our petition signing, in freeing Nazanin.

People, if you think this is a waste of your time, let me assure you it is NOT. Iran is very self-conscience of criticism, especially when it comes from people who are NOT in the governments. They may not show it nor admit it, but we truly can make a difference.

SIGN THE PETITION, please. Thank you.