Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunni-Shia Divide Deepens in The Muslim World

Mahmoud Al-Sayyed Al-Dugheim, a Syrian-born historian based in London told recently the Dubai-based Aljazeera Television that Iran has established a global Shi’ite Government that operates in accordance with the “Protocols of the Mollahs of Qom”, aimed at annihilating the Sunnis.

Mahmoud Al-Sayyed Al-Dugheim : "We consider the Zionist plan to be dangerous to the Arab nation, but even more dangerous is the Safavid Sassanian Iranian plan to restore the Empire of Cyrus, which would range from Greece to Egypt, and the Arabian Peninsula, in addition to other regions. The Zionist plan was unable to penetrate the ranks of Islamic unity, the way the Safavid Iranian plan did. The collaborators with the Zionists throughout the Arab and Islamic world are too ashamed to reveal themselves, while the collaborators with the Sassanian Safavid plan boast about it in public. Wasn't it one of their leaders who said yesterday: 'We are a Lebanon in Iran, and an Iran in Lebanon?.

""Iran has established a global Shi’ite Government that operates in accordance with the “Protocols of the Mollahs of Qom”, aimed at annihilating the Sunnis""--Syrian-born historian, M. Al-Syyed Al-Dugheim

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More Bad news for the Mullahs of Iran:

Last week, Sheykh Yussef Al Zarqawi, the Head of the International Union of the Muslim’s Most Learned (Olama), in a duel with Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Islamic regime of Iran’s number two personality on Al Jazeera about “friendship and unity between all branches of Islam”, overtly accused the Shi’ites of cursing first caliphs of Islam, including Abou Bakr and Aisha, the last and young wife of Mohammad, but particularly Omar, whom, according to Mr. Zarqawi, had “liberated Iran from the fire worshipers”, referring to the Zoroastrians, ignoring that not only the Zoroastrians were deists, they were also the first to introduce monotheism, and this centuries before Islam.

Columnist Hassan Haydar: Iran Spreads a “Culture of Death”In an article published on First of February, 2007 in the English edition of the London daily Al-Hayat, columnist Hassan Haydar denounced the "culture of death" that Iran is spreading in the Arab world by means of the resistance movements in Lebanon and in Palestine.

The following are excerpts from the article, as they appeared in English:

The Islamic Republic of Iran is spreading a "culture of death" that Iran in the Arab world by means of the resistance movements in Lebanon and in Palestine.

"According to a Reuters news report from Monday, a little Lebanese girl who appeared on a... children's show on Al-Manar - Hezbollah's TV channel - said that she had often prayed for her father to be martyred in battle with Israel, and that she was very proud that he was killed in the war last July, and that she was 'very happy for him,' because she felt that God had heard her prayers.

"The mother of the Palestinian suicide bomber who blew himself up in Eilat three days ago also told Agence France-Presse that she was happy her son was martyred. She revealed that she had said goodbye [to him] before he left for his mission and had wished him success, and that she was happy that 'God had heard her prayers.'

"These two examples are no different from the Iranian “human waves”, in which the victims wore keys to Paradise around their necks as they marched through Iraqi minefields. They are also no different from the majority of operations that have been carried out by the Lebanese and Palestinian Islamic resistance movements over the last two decades."
"[The Culture of Death] Reflects a State of Collective Psychological Detachment, in Which a Child Can Celebrate the Loss of a Father and a Mother the Loss of a Son"

"Most important, such examples confirm the growing influence that Tehran has today, and the extent to which the culture of death and the glorification of martyrdom have proliferated in more than one Arab country. [Tehran spreads this culture by] exploiting its sectarian affiliation... with Shi'ites in Iraq and Lebanon, and [by means of its support of] the Palestinian Hamas and the Islamic Jihad movements.

"The culture [of death] is not limited to local professional fighters engaged in armed conflict with an enemy, but has spread to affect entire communities - including mothers and children, schools and television, newspapers, poetry, art and music. The significance of this [lies] in distorting the concept of struggle itself, denying people the right to make rational and mature choices, and demeaning everything other than martyrdom, including political and social efforts aimed at improving the conditions of these communities and their members' living standards.

"But in stark contrast, the media apparatuses of the same Iran-affiliated movements express admiration for American anti-war groups and for mothers of American soldiers demanding the return of their children, just as they emphasized last summer's protests by Israeli mothers who opposed the Israeli army's involvement in a ground war in Lebanon, praising the influence of such actions on society as a whole and on the Israeli decision-making process.

"In doing this, these media apparatuses essentially condemn the very same concepts that they try to advocate, since the American and Israel anti-war protests promote the sanctity of life and the desire to protect life in face of all the justifications of the American and Israeli governments.
"The validity of the reasons behind the animosity toward Israel cannot be disputed, and opposing its repeated aggression often means accepting the eventuality of death and destruction. A problem arises, however, when death becomes the only weapon and deterrent, and a goal in itself, while [the taking of] life should be the last card resorted to, and [should be resorted to] only if fighting is the only way to improve the standards of this life.
"We might ask: How will this child, who was raised to exalt and glamorize death, be able to conform to the rules of a work place, or comply with public law, or harmonize with a civil society later in life?

"How will such a child be able to appreciate the value of a tree, a house, a field, a road, a bridge, a public square, or any of the normal things... that surrounding him?
"What Lebanon went through last summer and what is currently taking place in the heart of Beirut and in its alleys - are these not examples of what a child nurtured on the culture of death is capable of doing?".


Gayle said...

Excellent post, Serendip. The "culture of death" it certainly is, and it is evil from the ground up! How anyone can raise their children to be praying for the death of their father is beyond me. I wonder if it's possible that this child really didn't like her father? I wouldn't doubt it, considering how men treat their women. The sad fact is though that she's probably being honest, because that's the way these children are brainwashed into thinking. It's the type of thinking that is so beyond our capacity to understand that these strange people may as well have come from another planet or dimension; they don't even have normal life-survival instincts. Their entire existence is grounded in hatred, and hatred always ends up turning on the hater. It truly is demonic idiocy!

Garduneh Mehr said...

Sunni-Shia Divide Deepens in The Muslim World

Good! Let the savages kill each other. Heh heh heh heh

Also, the ignorance and the stupidity of this barbarous TAAZI Mahmoud Al-Sayyed Al-Dugheim is so stereotypical it's not even funny. The moron talks about "Savafid Sasanian" not realizing the two dynesties were a few centuries apart.

Just like Yazdgerd III told Omar: " How strange that you occupy the station of the Arab Calif but are as ignorant as any desert-roaming Arab.... Go back to your reptile-infested desert and take your AllahoAkbar with you for horrid is your belief and brutish is your conduct.

serendip said...

Gayle: It's diabolic in its consumed with revenge and hatred. The parents are also taught to hate and reject their children if they don't obey Allah.(see my post on Free Kareem and how his parents talk about him). Allah is not as benevolent, essentially merciful and fair. Allah is a dictator who will torture you for eternity unless you do exactly as he says. This view of Allah isn’t so out of the ordinary either — most uneducated and traditional carry the same Allah in their minds, if not their hearts. And I can’t really blame them because I see the same picture of Allah when I read the Koran.

Garduneh mehr: Good to see you here again. Yes, I hope they tear each other apart to smitherenes. What else can we do? Maybe pray the cast the devil out of their souls...LOL

Sherry said...

Wow! I take it you don't practice Islam, huh. I've been doing some web-surfing on archaelogical stuff about Persia, Jerusalem, Babylon, etc... It's actually quite interesting. Good way to express your feelings on this post. I enjoyed reading the post and your responses.

SERENDIP said...

Sherry: No, I don't, that's for certain...LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. You can always email me if you have any question...

A Jacksonian said...

From Spain to the Fascists in Germany and now to Iran: "Long Live Death!"

And so the ring of time brings that forward once more by those who take up that standard and brutal outlook. The cry of those that look to use an iron grasp and squeeze light and life from the world and impoverish the human spirit evermore, the cry that was sworn to be fought against wherever it arose. Those that uttered it first were warriors without Nation and they found themselves soon up against soldiers who fought for Nation. Picked up time and againt of those without soul so they could cast their shadow selves upon the world and demonstrate their heartlessness.

The cry of the void.

The standard of Barbarians who know no honor nor keep no word save to Death.

And those Nations that vowed to stand against it? Quailing at the thought they must either keep their words of fall under barbarism... both have high costs, but one is lethal for all.

We have always left the door open to treat barbarians as they would treat us, because that is the rule of war and law and Nations. Civilized to those that wage war with meaning and end and stick to their words and show honor to their Nation and foe by donning those raiments to show such. Those that do not do that, attack only to kill and kill again, the rules that Civilization has set up has always let their treatment be 'in-kind'.

We treat barbarians with civility at our peril. Because all they will see is weakness, and the cry from their lips spell the end of all civility... and civilization.