Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Trust the Bazaar!

BBC reports that US switch on Iran adds 'missing link'. Does it, really?

Asking Syria and Iran to form a common front against terror, while they are designated as state sponsors of terrorism and are themselves targets for invasion, and bombing, is a bit naive.

Much of the weaponry being used by some Shiite militia groups in Iraq is being smuggled into the country from Iran. Though President Bush has hesitated to link the Iranian government to the effort, I won’t: No such massive program to arm the militias could be conducted without at least the approval of the Iranian regime. Iranian diplomats will join their counterparts from the United States and several other countries during the weekend, during a meeting in Baghdad. There the Iranians no doubt will pay lip service to the idea of disarming the militias. Then they will go home to Tehran and arrange for new ways to help the militias slaughter Sunni Muslims — and Americans.

Syria and Iran learned their deal makings in the bazaars of Damascus and Tehran, and they have over 3000 years of experience. Not a word Iranians say this weekend should be believed.

BTW, NK, already is reneging on the nuke deal...


Rosemary said...

NK did that before the words slithered out of their months. I hate that we spoke to the Butcherers. Do they not understand what that does to the Pro-Democracy groups morale??? Omar at Iraq the Model wrote a nice piece on this. Take care.

SERENDIP said...

Agreed. Thank you for the link. God Bless.