Monday, March 05, 2007

Free Women's Right Defenders in Iran

Subject:Petition Demanding Immediate and Unconditional Release of Women’s Rights Defenders Arrested in Tehran on March 4, 2007

Please Sign the petition here. Many Thanks.

Update: Amnesty International reports:

Iran: Arrests of women may be an attempt to prevent International Women's Day calls for equality

In related news: You cannot make us wear black!

The officials of Alamiyeh Tabatabaie University in Tehran have issued strict guidelines for women entering the university. They have banned colourful veils, make up and jewelry, and have placed guards at the front gate to report anyone transgressing the new regulations to the Islamic regime's authorities.In protest, 8-900 women held a sit in outside the university. Plackards at the sit-in said: 'No to dress controls', 'no to reaction', and 'you cannot make us wear black'.

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RoxieAmerica said...

I have signed! It is a pity that the arrogant, blood-thirsty men leading the Islamic Republic of Iran must resort to jailing women in order to support their occupation of Iran.