Saturday, March 10, 2007

Funding Terror by Selling French Engines

Iran Khodro ( French Peugeot 405 platform)to capture 50% of Syrian market

LONDON, March 4 (IranMania) - Director for the project to set up a Samand auto manufacturing plant in Syria said that Iran Khodro aims to capture 50% of the Syria's 600-mln-dollar car market, IRNA reported.
Mehdi Tashakkori added that about 50,000 cars enter the Syrian market each year and Iran Khodro, by adopting a long-term strategy, can capture more than 50% share of this market.
He described the Syrian car market as very competitive adding that Iran Khodro's success in this market is tied to pricing, diverse products, innovation, quality and after-sale services.
Tashakkori said that the first phase of Samand auto manufacturing plant in Syria will be completed soon with a capacity of 10,000 cars annually.
The full capacity of Iran Khodro auto production in Syria after completion of the .second and third lines will reach 30,000 cars a year of which the extra products will be exported to regional markets.

China is jumping on this terror-funding scheme too.

h/t to Iranian Plateau


Jungle Mom said...

we also have an Iran car manufacturing plant here. and tractors.

SERENDIP said...

Wow, the IRI and Chavez more than partners in crime...LOL