Saturday, March 03, 2007

Insane Times

The United Nations ambassadors from Venezuela and Iran will particpate in a "candid conversation" later this month at Georgetown University in Washington.
The meeting on "the continuing relevance of the non-aligned movement" will be closed to the media. What is Georgetown university trying to accomplish by giving a platform to representatives of two of the most totalitarian countries in the world? Can someone please enlighten me? An event that is closed to the media does nothing to advance Georgetown's academic missions.

How many people know that one of the founders of the non-aligned movement, Marshal Tito, former President for life of Yugoslavia supported Indonesia's invasion and annexation of East Timor. The subsequent slaughter of 200,000 East Timorese by the invading Indonesians didn't seem to bother him too much or the other non aligned lot, given that Indonesia was an enthusiastic supporter of non-alignment even while it was buying the guns from the US.
In 1999, when East Timor was on the cusp of ending Indonesian occupation and Indonesian forces were busy killing, robbing and raping the Timorese who had the temerity to vote for independence in a UN sanctioned poll, Iran offered to send troops-to help counter the threat of an Australian led intervention to end the slaughter. The Aussie record in East Timor was appalling, but I was gald they intervened.

So much for "opposition to agression" by the non-aligned

We all live in strange times. The rants of raging psychotic barbarians are taken as holy writ (Supreme Leader of Ignorance, khamanei; genocidal shi'a, Ahmadinejad); Horrible monsters are honored (Khatami at St. Andrews and so on); massive evil is rising, and people whose ancestors fought and died to be free cringe and lick the boots of tyrants. Vile and obvious lies are taken as clear and self-evident truths; self evident and clear truths are not only thought to be lies but thought crimes. I am disgusted beyond belief by the actions of humanity, and horrified to see darkness engulf the world while its victims strive to extinguish all light.

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