Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Iranian Officials Break Teeth of Prominent Womens Rights Activist

Nahid Jafari

**Iranian officials broke the teeth of a prominent womens rights activist, Nahid Jafari, when they bashed her head on a police van on Saturday.

The regime is refusing her medical treatment for the injury.Here are a few of the women activists arrested Saturday in Tehran. The other jailed activists are on a hunger strike.

Faces of my jailed sisters in Iran.

The crux of the problem lie in the very tenets of Islamic laws and jurisprudence. These official are just doing their job as true devotees of the faith and they would not be doing Allah's will if they didn't stop these affronts to Islam, "The fundamental problem we face in Iran is in fact in the letter and the spirit of the Shi’i law - medieval in its jurisprudence, feudal in its tenets, patriarchal and undemocratic in the very fabric of its lexicon and written into the skeletal vertebra of Iranian culture (Imperial, Leftist, Nationalist or Islamist). "

One of the Islam’s principle pillars is the “Amr-e be Maroof and Nahy az Monker” Amr means “ordering” and Nahy means “preventing”. This principle is basically the terror aspect of Islam. On this basis, terrorising the society is encouraged and authorised by the religion. According to this principle a Muslim is under the obligation to order another to adhere to the Islamic ways and if ineffective take measures to prevent the unislamic act from taking place. According to the Islamic directions, this action is necessary even if it means losing one’s life or taking others’ lives. Imam Hussein lost his life while carrying out this principle.

In Islam human rights are not recognized since they are refuted by the totality of the word of Allah; hence irrelevant to the Islamic society and ummah.

Islam requires total submission to One God (Allah), including the subjugated's sense of what is right and wrong to what God declared right and wrong. If you are not willing to accept that then you are not a muslim. It is not gauranteed that the subjugated will understand the wisdom behind each and every command and decree of God but they have to follow like a about Manufacturing Consent methods a la Chomsky.LOL
The muslim’s god, Allah, must view his/her creation (human beings) as incompetent, feeble-minded, and untrustworthy to use their own brains ergo total control over every aspect of life, body, mind and soul...

In this way, the subjugated lose any ability to develop decision-making skills and indepedent thinking capabilities, and this leaves them more vulnerable and pliable to being manipulated by clergies, Imams, Sheiks ,and the ayatollahs alike. And that is how the business industry of Islam is maintained and perpetuated and we see the result in all muslim countries in full display, defeated as people and defeated as a civilization.

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Sherry said...

Serendip, I cry when I hear about stuff like this. Did you hear about the woman who swung her baby? It was on Nancy Grace show. This stuff is horrible. Women and children abused makes my heart hurt badly. I'm glad my hubby doesn't do that.