Thursday, March 08, 2007

Russia's Secret Arms Deal with Iran no longer A secret!

Surprise, surprise....This is while the United States is urging Moscow on to quickly investigate the suspected poisoning in Russia of two U.S. citizens with thallium, a highly toxic metal that can cause a slow, painful death and MENL reports that the reporter who was investigating this secret deal mysteriously fell to his death from the window of his apartment. What's Russia up to?

The regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin has sought to keep secret its arms deals with Iran and Syria.

Russia's leading business daily Kommersant asserted that a reporter who had been investigating Moscow's defense exports to Iran and Syria was killed. Kommersant said the reporter, former Col. Ivan Safronov, who fell from his apartment window to his death, disclosed the Russian sale of advanced Su-30 fighter-jets to Syria and S-300PMU-1 anti-aircraft systems to Iran.

"From what we know already it is clear it was not suicide," Russian SJR journalist union secretary-general Igor Yakovenko said. "The chances that it was a murder linked to the exercise of his profession are very high."
On March 5, the Russian prosecutor's office launched an investigation into Safronov's death on March 2. In a statement, the office termed the probable cause of death "incitement to suicide." An autopsy did not find any drugs or alcohol in Safronov, scheduled to be buried on Wednesday.


RoxieAmerica said...

Russia sees Iran as its way back toward being a world power. What it does not grasp is that Iran is animal that will bite the hand that feeds it eventually.

SERENDIP said...

You're spot on Roxie. Russia is dreaming of her totalitarian past...