Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kiosk: Amore de velocidad or Love of Speed

New Persian music with witty lyrics(u.a.: … no lunch or dinner, instead we eat yellow cake…) maybe I’ll transcribe it all at some point, but for now, just look at some images of Iran in this video

Partial translation of the lyrics:

Power of love and love of Power
Tradition or Modernity
In the Axis of evil
Sedative for suffering and pain
in forms of pills and wealth

no lunch, no dinner
instead we eat Yellow cake (re:enriched uranium)
Sham elections
Marriages on loan
there was a few pennies in the bottom of the closet
'We send it over to Palestine


Religious democracy,
Ghormehsabzi(very traditional Iranian food) Pizza

Kids with no shoes
frivolous drug addicts
cyber worlds and fake lives
Let's go to Dubai
spineless potatoes
Nothing we have
no loan credits

fake medications
dubious (fake) economy
Religious democracy
Ghormehsabzi pizza....

Many thanks to Amir.

Amir from New York University is going to present “German Intellectual Orientation to Persia: From French Enlightenment to World Poetry,” ISLAM-GERMANY CONNECTIONS in the Ninth Annual Interdisciplinary German Colloquium.

Visit his blog here.

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