Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Why do the Iranian People not revolt against the regime?"

Yellow Dog, a blogger from Iran:

... There are people in the west who still say: "Why do the Iranian people not revolt against the regime?" I want to ask these people: When will western oil companies stop buying oil from the Ayatollahs and when will your governments stop making deals under the table with the Islamic regime? Islamic republic of Iran is the most advanced dictatorship in history. The Ayatollahs have taken their lessons from Niccolo Machiavelli, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot and made violent governance into a science.

There are multiple layer security apparatus and intelligence gathering organizations keeping taps on Iranians all across the world by assassination, execution, disappearance, torture, rape, intimidation and use of death squads inside and outside of Iran .

Execution and torture is widely used in prison facilities in every corner of the country, many facilities built during Khatami's rein have capacities of 70,000 and more prisoners each, it has been witnessed that the prisons are similar to slaughter houses with corridors wide enough only for one person to pass at a time to and from cells. Now in Iran there are thousands of cameras, monitoring the movement of people in most important cities. I want to ask the people of the west what has happened to moral imperative?


Gayle said...

It's only ignorance that has people asking why the Iraqi citizenry doesn't revolt, Serendip. The truth is, the regime is so strong and violent that they can't. Perhaps some have formed an underground - we can't know for sure one way or the other - but like the French during WWII, they would not be effective without help. They are in a horrible situation and we Americans who have been so spoiled for so long, have no idea what they go through on a daily basis.

Jungle Mom said...

Valid points