Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Iran holds World Record in Execution

Archer: This is the English translation of a satirical post by Labyrinth. The picture is from here, taken recently in Iran right when the executed guy is being taken down. Warning: Graphic picture!

Executing twelve men in one day is a good record, but it is not enough. If we are willing to add our country’s name to Guinness World Records, we need to go further than this. Although, as most countries are going towards ban of execution, we are going to have a much better chance. One of the people who is pushing hard for the inclusion of the name of Iran in the Guinness [referring to Saeed Mortazavi (سعید مرتضوی) the General Prosecutor of Tehran] recently talked about seventeen more to be executed very soon. God willing, when their verdict is finalized, their execution in one day will enhance our record. In other news, as Uzbekistan bans execution, no country in the central Asia is competing with us.

Mass Execution (Updated II) (July 22,2007)

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