Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Iran: Student Activist Executed as Gang-Member

Archer's blog: Meisam Lotfi (میثم لطفی) was reportedly executed for being a gang-member. He is in fact a student activist. Shahrzad News, a reputable independent website, talked to his mother, before he was executed.

It was 1am when they woke up with a knock on their door. The 25-year-old son tried to escape from the Police, but was shot at with 17 bullets, two of which hit his leg. He was then sentenced to execution. Before we managed to find and publish his pictures he was executed.

Meisam spent six month in the infamous Evin Prison after the July 1999 student riots. His sister was also attacked by the Police and received 40 stitches. Meisam had spent 55 days in solitary confinement after he was accused of setting tires on fire during the protests which followed the fundamentalists’ raid to the dormitory of University of Tehran.

For more pictures published anonymously at the night he was arrested see here.. And here is the rest of it.


RoxieAmerica said...

very sad...

Anonymous said...

**** WRONG!! ***

The same source says that his mother visited him in jail on August 1, which is after the date he was supposedly executed!

See this link:


Apparently, Shahrzad News can't keep simple logic straight. First it reports that this person was executed, and THEN it reports that he is alive and might be executed any time. I think Shahrzad News has a reliability problem.