Thursday, August 23, 2007

CNN: God's Warriors (Islam)

This is taken from a snipet of the CNN show God's Warriors.

Here is a a link to watch all three: Jewish Warriors, Muslim Warriors, Christian Warriors

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RoxieAmerica said...

There is much to be said for the west taking profit from not only the Middle East, but from its own citizens. The gap between rich and poor is growing in the US and the middle-class is vanishing. As the baby-boom generation grows old and faces the ungodly medical theft that is imposed upon them by greedy insurance companies, greedy drug companies and greedy mega-hospitals and clinics more and more people, who begin retirement with more than enough money to survive will die in poverty. If Muslim groups provide health care and social services, even in the United States, they will grow in power because the average American is being assualted by business in the name of greed.

When it comes to survival, if the choice is to embrace Islamic in order to survive or embrace Christianity and suffer greatly, then the average person will embrace Islam because all humans wish to avoid suffering.

The Christian Church, in pursuing a political agenda of hot-button issues has handed the world to Islam. Christian Churches have become a part of greed instead of attending to the world's need. Christianity will lose if Christians do not return to their original mission -- feed the hungry, treat those who are ill, and provide shelter to the homeless. Islam is doing these things. Shall I convert to Islam and get the basic human rights, or shall I remain a Christian and suffer -- this is the coming question -- even in America.