Friday, August 24, 2007


painting: zazazu

Dance when you’re broken open.

Dance when you’ve torn the bandage off.

Dance in the middle of fighting.

Dance in your blood.

Dance when you’re perfectly free.

Struck, the dancer hears a tambourine inside her,

like a wave that crests into foam at the very top,


Maybe you don’t hear that tambourine,

or the tree leaves clapping time.

Close the ears on your head,

that listen mostly to lies and cynical jokes.

There are other things to see, and hear.

Music. Dance.

A brilliant city inside your soul!


From Wikipedia: Mawlānā Jalāl-ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī[2] (Persian: مولانا جلال الدین محمد رومی, also known as Mawlānā Jalāl-ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (Persian: محمد بلخى), but known to the English-speaking world simply as Rumi, (September 30, 1207December 17, 1273), was a 13th century Persian poet. Aside from his Persian poetry, he also wrote some verses in Arabic, Greek, and Oghuz Turkish

His name literally means "Majesty of Religion", Jalal means "majesty" and Din means "religion".[5] Rumi is a descriptive name meaning "the Roman" since he died in Anatolia which was part of the Byzantine Empire two centuries before. [6]

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