Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ex-musulmans...Oui,c'est possible! ,,10,000 ex-muslims in France are now Christians

In the past 10 years, at least 10,000 North Africans who are citizens of France have converted to Christianity.


Anonymous said...

G-d bless Jesus! this is where Christian evangelists should put all their focus. Teaching these people to be human is the most important thing that can save the world. I hope they are teaching them love and not hatred. I met a black lady immigrant from Guiana(or someplace else) the other day whose husband was a minister. They had found the truth !! many years ago and unfortunatley the greatest truth was that Jews were killers of their god and some other nonsense. she even mentioned Jews being dirty.I told myself :here we go again! the same old story!!as soon as they become Christitians they start hating.At least they didn't hate Jews when they were pagans.(of course I didn't tell her how I felt. I smiled and left.)

Frieda said...

is this real or another conspiracy by muslim fanatics?
I remember 20 years ago when Fallaci was interviewing top official of Hamas, he said, " we know we can not win the war against the West by military means, but we can do it by "immigration" " and now 20 yrs later we see how successful that strategy has been.

So I hope this not another little trick buy another Muslim group