Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hizballah in Venezuela

Sheidy Teodoro Rafael Darnott

“If the United States were to attack Iran, the only country ruled by God, we would counter-attack in Latin America and even inside the United States itself. We have the means and we know how to go about it. We will sabotage the transportation of oil from Latin America to the US. You have been warned”

Reprinted: from Jungle mom

Sounds like Ahmadinejad ! This statement is from Hezbollah Latin America, also known as Hezbollah Venezuela. Signed by Teodoro, called Commander Teodoro. He was a guevarists guerrilla that organized disorder in the Maracaibo region in the past. He was in born Ciudad Bolivar, and was converted to Islam. (Funny how commies convert to Islam!) He is a Chavista.

Teodoro is running a social experiment among the Guajiros of Venezuela. Anyone who has paid attention to the news of Venezuela will realize that the evangelical missionaries were removed by the government of Chavez and no new religious worker's visas have been granted for over 2 years.

While Chavez accuses the North American missionaries of being "spies" and genocide, coercing conversions to Christianity, Chavez proclaims that Shi'ite Iranian "missionaries" are welcome to live and work among the tribes. What happened to the cries of the need to remove foreigners and protect the autonomy of Venezuela??? ( We had heard of these 'robed missionaries' from the Indians as early as 2000)

Teodoro and Iran claim to have converted several thousand Guajiro to Islam, but according to journalists and anthropologists who have visited the area, there are fewer than a thousand. However, the entire Wayuu tribe has converted to Shi'ite Islam.

Strange media releases by the government have shown indian women wearing veils, and hooded men practicing with the new Kalashnikov rifle and even wearing suicide bomb belts. This should not surprise us as Chavez has spoken many times of his admiration of the Venezuelan terrorist, "Carlos" a Marxist who converted to Islam while in prison in France. Chavez often mentioned corresponding with Carlos and expressed his admiration of the "Carlos doctrine". ( another Marxist converts to Islam? Is there a pattern?)

So while the regime threatens the catholic church, expelled North American missionaries, the same regime receives the ultra- fundamentalists from Iran. Why? Because they speak his language! Death to America!

On the web site of Hezbullah Venezuela they refer to the young man, José Miguel Rojas Espinosa as,“the first mujaheddin to be an example of dignity and strength in the cause of Allah, the first prisoner of war in Venezuela of the Revolutionary Islamic Movement” . He was the one who planted the pipe bombs outside of the US embassy in Caracas last year The Venezuelan police and media played down the attack by referring to it as only a "demonstration".

The group has joined up with an Argentinian socialist-terrorist, Norberto Rafael Ceresole who is thought to have been connected with the attack on the Jewish community of Buenos Aires in 1994.

The threat of Islam taking a strong hold in South America by conversion is slim, in my opinion. The staunch catholic culture and the phenomenal rise of Evangelicals in the continent would make that very difficult, HOWEVER, Islam does not need a majority, just a strong hold to use as leverage to rule by force.

All it would need are a few pawns to plant bombs and a few terrorists to rule by fear. Are the Shi'ite Indians of Venezuela being prepared by Iranian "missionaries" to be used in such a way?

(Photo from

The above is a photo, taken and distributed by Hezbollah, of Hezbollah recruits in Venezuela.


Anonymous said...

The only country ruled by G-d?He means that Khamenei is the god? and these thugs and criminals his angels?! there is a joke that Khamenei says G-d is his regim's representative in the universe.

Winston said...

22 millions Lebanese live outside of Lebanon and majority of them are crazy terrorists!