Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Ignore the Iranian women's Plight": A Case For Doing Nothing by Laura Secor

I simply cannot stand the duplicity of the left nor their simplistic anti-imperialism rant any longer. The reason for this duplicity is essential to the ideology of the left, which is focused only on one thing: advancing the communist/socialist cause and to create their perpetually suspended dream of "socialist utopia", which incidentally dovetails with their Islamists brethren push for "Islamist utopia".

Their "heroic anti-war posture" of both islamists and the left have nothing to do with wanting 'peace' since in the Islamist's mind 'peace' means the absence of opposition to Islamic rule and for the socialist, the meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism,' a sentiment that corresponds almost exactly to the Islamists totalitarian outlook.

The left utter insistence on "the End justifies the means" has devolved to such a squalid condition that its only strategy is to implicitly support brutal, human-stoning savages in Iran; all in the name of "fighting capitalism and imperialism". The modern left and its fond tolerance for dreadful dictatorships of various sorts is appalling to say the least. The latest irony from the left involves ignoring the plight of women in Iran:

Back in the early 1990s, I heard Johns Hopkins University Professor (and future best-selling author) Azar Nafisi make the point during a speech in Philadelphia that throughout the Middle East, women were fighting for rights they never had. Iran was different, she observed, because there women were fighting for rights that were taken away from them.

Here, Caroline Sevier highlights their case of two of Iran's leading feminist dissidents, and how the Iranian government cracked down on their campaign to stop stoning women to death. How reassuring it must be to such women that left-leaning editorialists in the United States argue that the best policy is to ignore them.

Laura Secor of left-leaning TNR (subscription required), suggests that the Iranian women's plight for freedom and equality should be ignored and we should just "keep away". ("Case for doing Nothing: Keep away ") and keep them in their place. Maybe, Ms. Laura Secor has not heard of this quote by Gahndi:"The means are the ends in the processes of becoming. You do not achieve goodness by evil means."


programmer craig said...

Very true. Love the quote by Gandhi. I've never been able to understand how people who support such illiberal philosophies as anarchy, communism or "socialism" (whatever that's supposed to mean these days) can call themselves "liberal".

Anonymous said...

But didn't these same Iranian women vote for more Islam repeatedly? Why are they complaining that the bed they made no longer suits them?

At some point, wouldn't it be understandable to be quite direct with Muslim women? To say, for example, that you have chosen this, you continue to choose this every time you pray to Mohammed -- a 7th century serial rapist and child molester who dictated the very same rules that hurt you now -- and we will not protect you from your choices?

Westerners expect and train their children to accountability for their decisions. Why don't we do this with Muslims?

SERENDIP said...

Anonymous: They did not choose this. Khomeini deceived and hijacked the revolution. You might want to go through my archives. I'm no sure what you mean by repeatedly. If you're referring to elections,the elections in Iran are a sham...If you're sincerely interested, I highly recommend either do your own research or go through my archive.

Winston said...

Left makes me puke. That's all!

Anonymous said...

This was the same leftist agenda that after the victory of the revolution made Iranian leftist leaders ask their supporters to even if they get executed they should not go against khomeini and his Islamist monsters, becuase he was throwing Americans out of the country! Leftists even asked their supporters not to complain about mandatory Hejab for women and even strongly support it and even adopt it themselves for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

A Snake Hunter said:

It's a site to behold! reb


SERENDIP said...

Thank you SH. It's a great site.