Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Inciters

"Inciting sex generates rapes...Security is a co-responsibility of all of us"

The above poster is a roadside sign put up by the chavista-run government of the Venezuelan state of Carabobo. Does skimpy bathing suits drive men to rape? Does thinking about sex generate violence in men? If men think about sex and women in the way that 4 billion years of evolution produced, that generates violence??? I wonder if our ancestors as hunter-gatherers wore anything at all...(rhetorical question)

The Inciters

And what about the men who actually commit the rapes? Are they just innocent victims of incitement by women? Oh, shame on those wretched inciters!!!

The sign says, "Highlighting government scandals creates terrorism...Security is a co-responsibility of all of us". Can you possibly imagine what the western Chavistas would be saying if Republicans had used that as a campaign slogan?

Are the ayatollahs being consulted in manufacturing these absurd propaganda for Mr. Chavez?

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Jungle Mom said...

If you notice, both posters show printed newspapers, I believe this is the beginning of the regimes final effort to close down the only remaining " private" media.
I also find it ironic that while condemning the sex inciters, they show large billboards of scantily clad women !!! Also, at most demonstrations where government employees are forced to attend, there are usually trucks with dancing girls !!!

programmer craig said...

I don't really even know what to say about that kind of thinking. It's very funny on one level, but I know it causes a lot of suffering for the people effected :(