Thursday, August 23, 2007

Iranian forces reportedly attack several villages in Iraq

McClatchy Newspapers:

BAGHDAD - Iranian soldiers crossed into Iraq on Thursday and attacked several small villages in the northeastern Kurdish region, local officials said.

U.S. military spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Garver said he couldn't confirm the attacks, but five Kurdish officials said that troops had infiltrated Iraqi territory and fired on villages.
The Iranian military regularly exchanges artillery and rocket fire with Kurdish rebels who have taken refuge across the border, but Iraqi Kurdish officials worried that Iran's willingness to cross the border raises the possibility of a broader confrontation that would draw the Iraqi government and U.S. forces into an unwanted showdown.

Jamal Ahmed, the police chief of Benjawin, a village a little more than 200 miles north of Baghdad, said the attacks killed some residents.
''We don't know the amount of casualties as the bombing was continuous and so severe,'' Ahmed said. Gwany said the attacks also killed many cattle and left villages and farms burned to the ground.

Gen. Jabbar Yawr, a spokesman for the Kurdish militia, said Iranian troops have been lobbing artillery at Iraq from across the border since Aug. 16, though Thursday was the first time that Iranian troops crossed the border...more


Frieda said...

Interesting and not a one word from US.

SERENDIP said...

I know. What's going on? Juan cole think, there would be a coup soon in Iraq.

Babak said...

"Iranian regime"! As you well know it is Islamists Regime occupying Iran. Libya, Saudis, Taliban and other backward and savage regimes are part of this occupier regime.

Mecca rules in that region. Veil, Opium, sex with minors, low education, poverty, repression, and more barbaric treatment are their offerings.

As you are well aware all factions of Islam function mafia style business. At the end of the day, they go hand to hand.

We must always seperate true Iranians from these thugs. And, shame on those in free world who prolong their rules.

programmer craig said...

It's probably not what it appears to be. I wouldn't want to speculate about what's really happening but I know many things happen that never get reported, or get reported inaccurately (on purpose).