Thursday, August 16, 2007

Islamic Inquistion

For more than 28 years, the henchmen and death squads of Khomeini have inflicted a cruel barbarism and mass ignorance on every part of the society in Iran. Law has been replaced by "Divine Velayte-Faghih's Sharia", philosophers, scholars, writers, journalists, students, former allies, and even clerics have all been criminalized, jailed, censored, kidnapped, killed, tortured and maimed in body and soul for life.

Women, fortunate enough to be considered as half a human being might find themselves stoned to death, resort to prostitution or temporary marriages to feed their children and family, or sold as sex slaves to Persian Gulf Arab states. Hanging "heretics" in the streets as "enemies of God" and national threat to the "Holy Islamic Republic" have become popular entertainment and a religious duty (savab?).

The Islamic Republic is marked by corruption, bigotry, censorship, racism, intolerance, violence, terror, and brutal suppression of anyone who dares to express the slightest disapproval of the regime. The fanatics of Shi'a Islam are proving useful to export their martyrdom-seeking culture throughout the Islamic world.
The Islamic Republic has essentially expropriated all the resources – both human and material – which might have improved the lives of Iranians in the name of Islam and the Ummah. While an indolent army of clerics live on the state, the impoverished legion degenerate into life of crimes, addiction, and depravity.
Orchestrated by parasitic Islamic clerics, a cancer of superstition, fear and brutality has been imposed across Iran. The clerical "protection racket" requires the criminalizing of the whole of humanity through the doctrine of Sin. Once a particular mullahcracy, it has become wedded to the military Junta funding and training terrorists of all stripes.

The barbarian tribes that are overrunning Iran are for the most part, true believers (so called men of principles); and the forces that oppose them are tired and their spirit broken. A new Islamic Inquisition was set in motion in 1979 and it continues in full swing.

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who is supporting these thugs and criminals?