Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Public Execution in Iran

Warning: Graphic

3men executed in Saveh-Iran on 08/19/2007 morning

A criminal regime struggling to survive, "For around two years now the Islamic Republic government has stepped up the execution and torturing of political prisoners and dissidents on the pretext of security. The largest numbers of executions have taken place in the provinces of Khuzestan, Kurdistan, Azarbaijan and Tehran. All those sentenced to death have been sentenced behind closed doors and without any regard for international conventions.

These days in Tehran a number of prisoners on death row, mostly political prisoners, have been transferred from around the country to Rejaee Shahr Prison. Two of those prisoners, Mr Fazel Ramazani and Mr Hajat Morad Mohammadi, both political dissidents and activists who had spent 9 years in prison, were executed along with prisoners which the government labels as “rogues and ruffians”.

A few months ago Hojjat Zamani was executed. The torture of the prisoners is so severe that last year two prisoners, namely Akbar Mohammadi and Valiollah Feiz Mahdavi, were killed under mysterious circumstances. It is feared that the executions and tortures will continue".


Winston said...

Terrible! :-(

Anonymous said...

these hangings remind one of things that we only read in history. like some conquring kings killing people and hanging their bodies to scare people. in our high school history book there was this famous and true stroy of Agha Mohammad khan (from the Ghajar dynasty,about 300 years ago or less??)who ordered his soldiers to gauge the eyes of the whole 20,000 people in the city of Kerman and make a pile of eyes in front of him. They did as were told. we are going back to thoes times thanks to all these support the world leftists are giving these facsist mullas. why don't we here any condemnation from anywhere. There is nothing showing condemnation in leftist media like New York Times or CNN ever about these hangings in Iran,as if its just a cultural norm that should be accepted and respected !! there is no demonstration by leftist anti-war movements against these hangings. it seems they are only against whoever is in war with these barbarians.

RoxieAmerica said...

Sad, very sad.