Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On Origin of Islam and Slavery


Islam doesn't only support slavery but was itself, from start (first Islamic slaves were Arabs), the very essence of slavery. To understand the origin of Islam as Koranic slavery one has to understand the pre-Islamic trade routes going through the Arabian peninsula.

The medieval expansion of Islam has been a forgotten analytical tool for most historians when it comes to historical dynamics such as e.g. Mongols, Vikings etc. But whereas the Mongol invasions were originally initiated as an "attacking defence" against Islamic invasions/atrocities, the Vikings started as slave traders serving Islam. The pattern could actually have been exactly the same as in Africa had it not been for a powerful Christianity in between (again, note that Klevius isn't a Christian nor even "religious" in any meaning resembling mideastern monolitheisms - see Klevius definition of religion).

ORIGIN OF ISLAM: Is 1400 yrs of Islamic genocides, slavery & rapetivism the worst crime ever against humanity?

Energy and resource saving high tech Shinto (the world's oldest religion - see Definition of religion) meets the world's number one per capita resource waster/polluter Árab peninsula Islam(ofascism)!

Why have we seen high tech made in Israel almost from scratch but not from its neighboring Islamic countries? And why is Islam stuck in technological backwardness whereas Shinto leads the world?!Shinto (the world's oldest religion) meets pan-Arabic oil Islam (the world's youngest "religion")

While Judaism and Christianity developed to become selfsufficient Islam got stuck in backwardness precisely because of its origin as a blueprint for sponging on slavery/rapetivism.

Its inherited developmental impotency (Koran) now dooms it to rely on oil and what it can abuse from other countries. That's why regions touched by Islam and Islamic slave trade have remained underdeveloped! We are just in the beginning of a historical revelation that eventually will become a grim and painful reading (see e.g. Origin of Vikings)! It's a deep irony then that by far the worst slave trader in history, Islam, now spreads itself via its victims and the very same Koranic "infidel" racism/sexism it used to justify its atrocities with!...more

Also read:Peter Klevius hypothesis (2005) on how Islamic slavery created the Vikings and the origin of Russia

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Frieda said...

If this is true ( Islam and slavery), then why so many black Americans get gravitating toward Islam?