Sunday, August 26, 2007

They have Risked their lives; We can't turn them away

Left Behind from 60 Minutes:
Thousands of Iraqis who helped the U.S. in Iraq as translators, office help and construction workers are now labeled collaborators by the insurgents. Many want to come to America because their lives are at risk, but they are having a hard time, reports Scott Pelley.

Here's what the Brits are doing. From Harry's place blog:

The campaign to support Iraqi workers who have undertaken interpreting and other jobs alongside the British army continues to grow. You can sign the petition to offer asylum here. Please also write to your MP: the government policy review on the issue is due to report back in the autumn so every letter and email written now counts. You can make a difference.
The Times has recently highlighted the plight of the interpreters at the hands of the gangsters and Dan Hardie has an even more harrowing tale of two “laundry girls” scrubbing underwear and combat gear “for about $350 a month.”
‘One evening after work they were being taken home by taxi as usual when the vehicle was confronted by four masked gunmen in a street just a few hundred yards from the girls’ home. One of the gunmen fired a bullet to stop the taxi while another tried to pull one of the sisters out of the car. She resisted and was shot in the head. When the other sister got out of the car she was also shot. The men then drove off in a getaway car. It was clear that Shaimaa and Likaa were murdered simply because they’d been working for foreigners. A few days later anonymous leaflets were left in the city denouncing the ‘traitorous’ and ‘immoral’ actions of the sisters for working with the CPA. They also threatened more attacks on Iraqi staff.’
The slavering and isolated right-wing racist scum, Milosevic apologists and porno-merchants who have been trying with an increasingly gollum-like desperation to characterise teenage laundry-girls and civilian interpreters as “harkis” (after the auxillary troops who fought with France during the war in Algeria) continue to reveal much more about themselves than they do about those whose blood they crave. Simpering Strasserite “The Exile” has been appealing to the worst elements in British society (as only a man who shares social evenings with BNP regional organisers could), recently remarking casually:
Finally, what evidence do we have as working class people that these creatures will not jump the council house waiting list or be parachuted into jobs that we want for ourselves? As this blog pointed out yesterday, the dole offices are now open to over 5% of the population - more folk are on the cobbles today than in 1979!
Such delightful Griffinesque sentiments pale into insignificance however next to the truly demented Neil Clark, a man who felt so strongly that: "under Slobodan Milosevic, Yugoslavia was a proud and independent nation- following its own economic and social path. Today the country is run by Quislings" that he was quite happy to send a message of support to the “nediast” group who were endorsing the progressive credentials of both Ratko Mladic and Vojislav Seselj.

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RoxieAmerica said...

Another tragedy and another reason the United States needs to redesign its foreign policy in order to have acheivable goals; goals the citizens can count on, and goals our friends can count on.