Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ahmadinejad, Neo-Nazi's hero

Iran press news (in Persian)

Neo-Nazis, wearing Ahmadinejad's t-shirts, participated in a neo-Nazi demonstration in the town of Neuruppin.


Anonymous said...

Among anti Zionism factions, there are idiot zealots like of shown individual who has no $%#&ing clue to barbaric laws these Ahmadinejads' thugs offer to humanity.

A said...

He and other Nazis do know about the dictatorship Ahmaghi and other Iranian leaders impose on Iranians.its why they support him. he hates Jews. this is enough for them. These Nazis should be ashamed of themselves for being such cowards and saying they are for a world without Zionism. they should be brave and just say they are for a world without Jews! this is what they want, a world without Jews but full of Islamist and other fascists busy destroying the world and turning it into a public toilet like Iran.I have this feeling that they will succeed.They get too much money from Iran and Saudi Arabia and other fascists.

Winston said...


Anonymous said...

This idiot has no clue what a losing horse he's betting on.

The nationalist in the West, whose stated objective is the preservation of their respective races and cultures, need to wake up and realize that it is Islam that seeks to destroy their civilizations not Jews or Africans.