Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Islamic Republic of Lies

Kamangir: This is the next generation of fighter-bombers”, stated the Minister of Defense while referring to the new aircraft Saeqeh, which the Islamic Republic claims they have developed [Persian]. The name of the new plane, Saeqeh (Thunderbolt), inspired the editors in the newspaper of the government, Iran, to use the big title “Iranian Thunderbolt at Zionists”.

What is missing in this “big achievement”? The fact that when the website of the national television first carried the news, they showed a plane which had the emblem of the Pahlavi Dynasty on it. This has made many guessing that this plane is not really designed by the Islamic Republic, but that it is rather an old plan which has been worked on since the late Shah of Iran. Of course they have changed the page now and it shows another picture [Persian]. An Iranian blogger managed to capture the original page.

Screen shot from the state-run television’s website. The picture down here shows the magnified version of the emblem on the tail of the plane. Click to enlarge

Ardeshird: Ahmadinejad lies again - every utterance is a lie :

"We do not need a bomb. We are against a bomb actually," Ahmadinejad told Britain's Channel 4 in an interview.

"There are many reasons that we're against it. In our belief we are against bombs (and) from a political point of view it is not useful," he told the channel through an interpreter.

Lie#2: Ahmadinejad tells Iranians they need not worry about their hair styles and Hijab, because these will not be his government's concerns.

Here Ahmadinejad's crackdown on hair styles and Hijab:




Q: You started tonight by sending your good wishes to the people of the United Kingdom. Can you reassure British parents and say that no Iranians are involved in the killing of British solders?A simple answer would have been: No Iranians are involved in the killing of British solders but this is his answer:

A: I tell you and I also tell the good people of England; the people of England saw the good will of the Iranian people regarding the navy personnel. We are deeply sorry about the events in Iraq, we are also sorry about the Iraqi people being killed as well as that your soldiers are being killed.

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saggezard said...

They are a bunch of clergymen. Of course they did not build one. They cannot even run a Choochoo train properly, they buy trains from the Chinese and the ex Soviet states. They even have to import Aftabehs from Taiwan.