Sunday, September 09, 2007

Remaining blind

A Jacksonian:

A civil finding, and bit late to actually influence matters... the US fell down on doing things in 1979 and started paying the price by 1983. Freezing assets and curtailing trade and sanctions only go so far. A Nation not set up on a rational basis will not see these as problems but as 'vindication' for their cause. Such has been the case with the regime in Iran, and we still do not recognize at a governmental level that this is not a rational regime tied to normal affairs of Nation states.Iran, by its sponsorship of Hezbollah with Syria, needs to be held accountable for all of the activities of it. Those activities have been outlaw to our conceptions of the nation state system, and our inability to recognize that and call it for what it is has harmed us as a Nation and intellectually. We remain blind to the larger threat beyond these instances, and still will not call it for what it is. If we cannot even understand what a predator is, not to speak of naming it, and recognize it for what it does, then we are not 'civilized'... the classification for that is 'prey'.

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