Thursday, September 06, 2007

RIGHTS-IRAN: Dissidents Encouraged to Go Into Exile

TEHRAN , Sep 6 (IPS) - The Iranian establishment has an unstated policy to deal with rising dissidence among academics, artistes and political activists -- encourage them to leave the country and go into self-exile. Activists claim that this policy follows a pattern established well before the 1978 revolution that overthrew the Shah regime. "Opponents are made to choose self-exile to minimise the costs of holding so many prisoners of conscience. Before 1978, the Shah openly told dissidents to leave if they didn’t want to abide by his rules. Dissidents could choose between leaving and imprisonment or death. History seems to be repeating itself in this case," a reformist politician in Tehran, requesting anonymity, told IPS. Jailed political activist and former student leader Abdollah Momeni is among those the regime wants out of the country. His wife was recently quoted by ‘Advar News’, the student website, as saying that her husband had managed to tell her that his interrogators kept asking him why he had not chosen to leave the country. Momeni was incarcerated two months ago in a wave of student arrests and has since been incommunicado. He was allowed to briefly exchange some words with his wife when he was taken to his home by security agents who wanted to search through his documents and belongings. He looked alarmingly thinner and there were bruises all over his body, his wife was quoted as saying by Advar News.


BB-Idaho said...

Sending your best-educated into exile has been tried before:
"The exodus of German and Austrian scientists, mostly Jewish, that followed caused critical damage to Germany’s scientific output and brought invaluable gains to the West. The Third Reich’s losses included many of the leading physicists who later became the driving force behind the atomic bomb project. Of more than 1,500 refugees, fifteen went on to win Nobel Prizes. Among them were the co-discoverer of penicillin, the physician who revolutionized the treatment of paraplegics, and Max Perutz, who discovered the atomic structure of the hemoglobin molecule." from Even the Soviet Union wasn't that dogmatically stupid!

Anonymous said...

Mafia-styled Regime helmed with many previously Haj Caravan butchers with high daily records of sheep’s vein cutters using sharp daggers do not give a hoot about brain exodus.