Friday, October 05, 2007

"This Fight will Continue till Islam is Victorious in the World"

خبرگزاری حکومتی فارس: "مصطفي پورمحمدي وزیر کشور امروز در پايان مراسم راهپيمايي روز قدس در جمع راهپيمايان قم گفت آرمان بلند آزادي فلسطين و رهايي قدس شريف حركت مقدسي است كه تا پيروزي اسلام و مسلمانان در جهان ادامه خواهد داشت.

Fars state-run News Agency: Today, Mostafa Pour-mohammadi, Iran's Secretary of State, at the end of "*Quods Day's March told Quom's marchers that the goal of Liberation of Palestine and Liberation of Beloved Jerusalem is a holy movement that would continue until the victory of Islam and muslims in the world.


پورمحمدي در ادامه گفت: اين قوم (یهودیها) در طول تاريخ همواره دروغ گفته اند به گونه‌اي كه در قرآن كريم نيز تعابير و صفات مختلفي براي آنان عنوان شده است.
وي گفت: در قرآن كريم نژاد پرستي، انحراف فكري، قتل و خونريزي، فساد، لجام گسيختگي، مال پرستي و... از جمله شاخص هاي اين قوم عنوان شده است.

Pourmohammdi continued to assert, " this tribe (Jews) throughout history has always lied wherein even in Koran there are interpretations and different characteristics attributed to them. He said, " Jews are liars with mental perversion, corruption, racism, murderers, materialistim, bloodletting are some of the prominent characteristic of jewsish tribe, mentioned in Koran.
وزير كشور در ادامه گفت: امروز در دنيا دو جبهه شكل گرفته است كه رهبري يكي از اين جبهه‌ها را صهيونيست‌ها عهده دار هستند و رهبري جبهه ديگر بر عهده ايران اسلامي است كه حركت خود را تا پیروزی اسلام در جهان ادامه خواهد داد."

The Secretary of State said, " today in the world there are two camps; the leaderships of which are the responsibility of the Zionists and the Islamic Republic of Iran that will continue its movement until victory of Islam is achieved in the world.


katayoun said...

You see. This is their dialogue, their ideological babbling, and dappering. They are inviting an unwarranted War to Iran. It is not the regime who is going to suffer, but Iran and the Iranians who have choosen to stay quiet in this situation, where the world is ready to help those who help themselevs. As if we have not heard about what has been going on in Burma.

Anonymous said...

Serendip jan, you didn't translate the main words.. he says Jews are liers and in the Quran they are called racist, murderers, materialistic, and some other insults. Honestly every time I hear these words from these mullas who are the ones who deserve these insults, and remembering that most Iranians follow them, I pray that Iran gets not only attacked but nuked so that it may not be able to bring the same disaster that Hitler brought to the world.

SERENDIP said...

Anonymous jan: You're right. I was so tired last night that I remember reading it and that's why I decided to do the post in the first place but when I started translating I couldn't see it. hahaaha Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really want to focus on that part being translated or not. but these words sums up the regim's rhetoric during the last 30 years. They have been hurling these insults so many times that its impossible to not notice their true intentions. during the last several years they have increased their intesity of their attacks against Jews. experince says everytime a satanic government starts attacking Jews, they have big intensly evil plans for trying to dominate the world. like Hitler or Stalin who killed millions in Russia alone. read this article:
(30 years of planning?)