Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Islamic Republic's Utter contempt for democracy and free expression.

by: Akbar Ganji:

The Islamic regime brutally stifles dissent and determines rights and privileges based on religion.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is master of the double standard. For instance, the regime believes it has the right to establish political groups in other countries, such as Lebanon's Hezbollah, the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council and a number of groups in Afghanistan. It openly supports Hamas to the tune of millions of dollars -- another example of this general modus operandi. So, by logical extension, the Islamic Republic asserts that opponents of a government have the right to create an armed organization, and foreign governments have the right to supply these opponents with money, weapons and training...


Anna Ny mouse said...

Maybe you can remeber that Ganji once confessed that he and other anti-shah people had lied many times about many so-called evil done by Shah in order to incite people. They got what they wanted. now they complain. When the "intellecutals" in a society are these liers who think its ok to do wrong and deceive people in order to achieve their so-called positive but in fact stupid goals, what better can be expected?

Frieda said...

He spent 5 years in Jail and now he is roaming in the United States writing articles and saying nothing that we do not know already! I had much higher hopes from him!