Monday, November 26, 2007

Living like a fugitive

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, 45, is on the run from Islamic fundamentalists, who issued fatwas against her in 1994. She was in Kolkata, flied to Jaipur. she is hiding in Delhi.

Who is Taslima Nasreen?

Taslima by profession is doctor however it was her literary activities which completely changed her life. Her novel Lajja (Shame) was banned by the Bangladesh government in 1993, and the following year she went into hiding then Taslima left Bangladesh in 1994 after violent street protests. She was granted refuge and citizenship in Sweden. She returned to the region in 2004. She was attacked by the barberic islamic fundamentalist in August, 2007.Her interview Taslima has given to Frontline after attack can be found here.

"...I freed myself from the shackles of religion and superstitions; it cannot be forced upon me now, can it?"

Celebrated and controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has finally broken her silence after spending three days on the run. Speaking to NDTV, Taslima refused to take any questions because she said at this point she did not want any further controversy. ''I miss my home, I miss my Kolkata,'' she said, adding that she was confident of going back to Kolkata very soon. She is currently at the Rajasthan House in Delhi with her brother. They have spent almost the entire 24 hours glued to the televison set watching the news about themselves and public opinion on the street in Kolkata.Taslima says she left with a small bag and laptop and didn't have time even to lock her home because she was told she would be back home in two days. She said she couldn't wait to get back home. The writer also said that the last two days had been emotionally traumatic and that she was touched by the support of the people. ''I don't want to leave India for any other country,'' she said. The controversial writer had to leave for Jaipur with only her laptop in hand. The sources added that Bengal police told Taslima she would be in Jaipur for two days. Sources have told also NDTV that Taslima will be placed under charge of Centre today.

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