Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008’s FIRST POST!!!

Happy New Year, dear blog-friends o’mine! I’ve missed you all during my hiatus from blogging. I’m not saying that the hiatus is completely over but I might try to post a bit more often, especially if I endeavor to read more.

In the meantime, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken a darker turn in 2008 and continues its vicious attacks both domestically and internationally trying to flex its military muscles in the Strait of Hormuz ( the Iranians claim more offshore territory than the standard in international law) by taunting the US Navy, building its nuclear armory, and increasing its propaganda reach by showcasing the so-called Iran experts on CNN.

Simultaneously, the top goon of the Islamic republic (the supreme thug) is trying to ratchet down the tension? Ali Khamenei recently said that while it wasn't desirable right at the moment, Iranian diplomatic relations with the US in the future were not out of the question.
Hope your first few days of 2008 have been full of light and peace...that is all for now.


Azarmehr said...

welcome back. Hope you keep posting in 2008.
what was interesting about Khamenei's speech was he kept saying 'I' decide when its ok to have relations with US and 'I' don't see it as expedient to establish ties with the US.

What do these 'I' s mean other than what the people want counts for nothing and yet some still have the front to say Islamic Republic is a democracy!!!

Winston said...

Happy New Year!

Rosemary said...

Hi there! Happy New Year. It sure is good to have you back. :)