Sunday, January 20, 2008

Rude Awakening

This article deserves and merits attention of everyone in the State Dept. An important article by Raghida Dergham, a Lebanese journalist. She has splendidly dissected the Islamic Republic's influence in the and the non-nuclear-related threats the ideologically driven regime represents to moderate Arab countries and Israel in the region. I'm not quite clear on what she means by "rehabilitation of the Iranian regime" and I couldn't find any concrete propositions as to how we are to achieve this task (I have emailed her and waiting for response) but overall, her assessments are dead on and quite honestly, disturbing. The challenges and concerns the United States and her allies have to wrestle with in the Middle East for the coming years require exceptional and unparalleled US leadership skills. So far, I hate to say it but Hillary is the only one who can do the job and the Bush Administration agrees with me.


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News! News ! Mesiah is here! Ahmadinejad announced it! Read and shake in fear, ye all infidels, lovers of injustice !! LOL