Sunday, February 17, 2008

Arch Idiot of Canterbury

Arch Idiot of Canterbury
by Potkin
What a monstrous idiot this Dr. Williams is? He reminds me so much of Seyyed Hossein Nasr type advisers during the Shah's reign and how they constantly tried to appease the Islamists.An example to let you know what I am talking about was when more than 400 innocent people, women, children and whole families were charred to death, when the Islamists set the cinema Rex on fire in Abadan.Rather than bringing the culprits to a public trial and ceasing the opportunity to show the country the indiscriminate savagery and cruelty of the Islamists, the Shah's imperial advisers were more keen on not rocking the boat in case they upset the Islamists and the regime lost the chance of negotiation with them!Dr. Williams's remarks resonates the same recollections in me of posturing gestures by spineless officials who inch by inch gave more grounds to the radical Islamists.In their naive innocent goody goody minds they think they are "avoiding conflict in the interest of harmony", but in fact what they are doing is giving ammunition to the extremists who then say to the faithful, look how much we have achieved, look at how much they are conceding, its our strength that is making them retreat and thus making the extremists even more popular.

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Anonymous said...

Archbishob of canterbory's words and actions are not about "avoiding conflict in the interest of harmony". He's being getting much praise from Iranian Mollas recently. He called Israel "an apartaid state" before and also said other nonsense which were greately welcomed by Iranian Mollas and official religious internet sites.
the catholic church was so happy about Hitler's wish to destroy the Jews that it ignored how evil his actions were. soon after, Hitler came after catholics too. Now these canterbury moron is so happy that finally he has found some morons who match his hatred against Jews that he can't see the evil Islamists will be doing to him and his people soon.