Monday, February 25, 2008

Honor Killing in Iran -- Father Stones 14 Year Old Daughter To Death

Murderous Society
Save Delara:
The suspect, who in the initial stages of investigation had opted to remain silent and refused to provide any information about the whereabouts of his daughter, finally confessed, and provided a disturbing account of Samieh’s murder. Sharif stated: “A while ago, I noticed that my 14 year old daughter is acting suspiciously. Initially, I tried to approach the issue gently, and to find out why Samieh is acting this way. She would leave the house without any reason, and when she returned, she could not provide a convincing explanation. Finally, I could not take it any more and I got in a fight with her, but that didn’t do any good because my daughter accused me of being suspicious and maintained that she has not done anything wrong. After a while, I became fully convinced that Samieh is having relations with a man. I perceived my honor to have been damaged, and tolerating such a condition and remaining silent was like death to me. So I decided to kill Samieh and rid myself of this shame. In this context, I had to make a decision about how I should kill Samieh and save myself from such disgrace. I had to choose a method for killing my daughter that would fit her wrong-doing. Finally, I became convinced that I should stone her to death, but because I could not personally carry out the execution by myself, I sought the assistance of my friend, Ghafoor. When he learned about my problem, he accepted to help me kill Samieh to wash the stain of disgrace from my family. Ghafoor contacted a few other people and established the time and place to carry out the act.
[Emphasis mine.]
It says a lot of about the societal mindset regarding honor that many people decided to help a father who wished to kill her 14-year-old daughter. Perhaps if one of them had a shred of humanity, the young girl could have been saved.
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